Membership Information

 1) General Membership Conditions

  • PLCnetwork is anticipating membership solely for natural persons (landowners, managers), communities, companies and organizations who are planning to or already operating a conservation area or eco-destination or conservation project in the sector of private and community land conservation. Excluded are protected areas and projects which are operated by governmental or government-related stakeholders, e.g. national parks and provincial reserves.
  • Membership in our network and on our platform is entirely voluntary; participants are solely responsible for their own actions and are urged to behave in good faith.
  • Membership activation or deactivation is subject to evaluation and final decision by our team to our best ability and knowledge in order to try prevent any misusage and harming to any party involved.
  • The consent of having a profile loaded serves as basic agreement to the terms & conditions mentioned on this website. Member data will be treated with confidentiality to the best of our ability and will not be shared with any other party unless agreed upon.


2) Membership Package

A membership with PLCnetwork aims to increase the publicity, networking opportunities and business potential for our members.

A member can join if they are a private, community or company land conservation area or project as described under our Join Us page.

The following features are currently part of a basic membership, yet subject to possible changes:

  • A member profile which is added to the member list and linked on the interactive geographical map under our Places page;
  • All members are part of a mailing list via which our team may stay in contact, provide news or send requests such as opportunities for interviews or events;
  • A log-in function to an internal member lounge which provides a forum to discuss relevant topics as well as a library for sharing and downloading documents;
  • A welcome post via our social media channels; and
  • An introductory blog post on our website.   

Currently, no costs or fees arise for a membership to be active. A membership is inclusive of all described services and no additional charges will arise for the client, unless an advertisement (on the Notice Board, see below) is added or any special arrangement agreed upon, for example during project work.


3) Storytelling & Content Contribution

  • We encourage our own members as well as persons of the public, stakeholders, practitioners, researchers and students to contribute relevant content to this platform. Content can be submitted through the relevant email address under our Contact page.
  • Each of our members is introduced through a blog story on our website, as well as a welcome via social media.
  • Having a story, news or similar content published via any of our channels is strictly subject to approval by our team, and is free of charge.


4) Advertisement Listing on Notice Board

  • Members and external participants may request to have an advertisement listed on our Notice Board.
  • Requests will be evaluated by our team according to suitability and relevance to our members, clients, the conservation economy sector or the public.
  • Ads can represent, among others: Job postings, Research opportunities, Volunteering opportunities, Services provided by experts or organizations, Offers provided by members, Study and training opportunities. Content is evaluated and published strictly based on decision by our team.
  • Any ad will be listed online for 6 month at a time, or for a certain time frame on request. Per 6 months, a fee of R250 will arise. Renewal of the listing depends on timely payment by the client.
  • Fees are to be paid using our business bank account. Details will be provided on approval of an advertisement request. 


Read our Terms and Conditions.