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ONE Namibia
Conservation Organization
Umbrella Company
Head Office at Farm Ondekaremba #78, Windhoek, Namibia
-22.49423731, 17.39014464


ONE Namibia has many plans. To protect wild animals and conserve intact habitats. To keep domestic animals, which helps ensure to keep the soil loose. To cultivate vegetables the natural way. To live in nature. All in the spirit of a world, where we as humans don’t live off, but with nature. Sustainable.

ONE (Ondekaremba Nature Estate Limited) is the umbrella company for the three nature reserves Waterberg Wilderness – at the Kalahari’s table mountain; Ghaub – in the Otavimountains; and Ondekaremba – near the Hosea Kutako Int. Airport. 

ONE has an operation permit for the Lodges and campsites. ONE also leases the land of the nature reserves and ensures the protection of wildlife and the conservation of the variety of species in the habitat. This is mainly financed through income from the hospitality business: tourists experience game in the wild.

Through ONE, these nature reserves get a common platform to market their products and share their vision with likeminded people. But most important is the alternative financing opportunity ONE Namibia represents. Because ONE makes it possible for nature lovers and investors to help. Actively and directly. Not through a donation, but through “sustainable” shareholding. ONE Namibia offers everyone the opportunity to purchase shares an with this, everyone can preserve his or her piece of Africa.


Conservation & Community Projects:

  1. Waterberg Wilderness: – managing the nature reserve in a sustainable manner
  2. Ghaub Nature Reserve & Farm: – managing the nature reserve in a sustainable manner
  3. Ondekaremba Lodge & Campsite: – managing the nature reserve in a sustainable manner
  4. Ghaub Farm Products - engage in the environmentally friendly cultivation of vegetables and fodder plants
  5. Shareholding in ONE - directly and actively contribute towards a sustainable life with nature, invest rather than donate and become part of a vision


Future Aims:

  1. The number one aim is to preserve a piece of Africa with intact nature and humans living in harmony with their surrounding
  2. Aquire more partners with land for the conversation of game and habitat
  3. Make its employees and other like-minded people shareholders of its businesses
  4. Investing in better poaching protection for the nature reserves – especially rhino protection – with the use of technology, e.g. drones, acoustic sensors
  5. Find alternitve ways to finance nature reserves, e.g. provide erven for living in nature for likeminded people


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