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Covane Community Lodge
Conservation Area
Habitat Reserve
Canhane Village, 14 km from Massingir, Gaza, Mozambique
-23.88520822, 32.07816432


Covane Community Lodge is owned by the Canhane Community, and managers Andre and Marina Scholtz identify and develop business opportunities to raise profit for the lodge. It was implemented as a community-led initiative in 2004 with support from actors and investors of the tourism, NGO and private sectors. The lodge is situated in the so-called Canhane Village which expands about 7,200 ha with 1,500 inhabitants. This unique paradise is nestled in the Massingir District of Mozambique, on the southern border of the Parque Nacional de Limpopo.   

The Covane Community Lodge offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, providing different accommodation and camping facilities for adventure travellers and backpackers, including a beautiful restaurant. The lodge is the ideal over-night stop for people travelling between the Mozambican coast and South Africa's Northern provinces.

The team operates a houseboat on the Massingir Dam which, with a 5km wide wall, stretches 20 km into the Elefantes Gorge - all the way to the South African border touching the Kruger National Park. Covane provides spaciously appointed chalets which offer endless views and en-suite luxury; while the six en-suite traditional hut units offer rustic comforts. For those who prefer self-catering camping, the campsites with ablution facilities are surrounded by lush mopani trees.


Conservation & Community Highlights:

  1. For each occupied bed, the lodge pays a levy to the community (300.00MT per night per guest)
  2. Habitat for many bird species, such as the Pel’s Fishing Owl, Fish eagles, Osprey
  3. Different plants grow on the property which have medicinal value and are used by the community
  4. Habitat to Tiger fish; the lodge offers tiger sport fishing (catch and release only)
  5. Canhane Village Tour - Experience the Shangaan culture with a one hour guided tour of the local village
  6. With the proceeds from tourism, the lodge has built 2 schoolrooms for the Canhane Community and 2 teacher houses
  7. Solar power was installed for pumping drinking water for the community from the lake


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