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Kikonko Lodge
Conservation Project
32km from Hoima, on Lake Albert, Western Uganda
1.56384053, 31.11911093


Tourism in the 21st century can only be acceptable if sustainable. We want to offer a comprehensive eco-tourism concept to our clients. It ensures that they leave the least carbon footprint as possible. We do this on different levels and continuously look for more options to bring tourism and nature into harmony.

Therefore, we are proud to run Kikonko Lodge as an eco-friendly lodge in Uganda. Kikonko Lodge thrones on top of the escarpment of the Albertine Rift overlooking Lake Albert. Breath taking views of Lake Albert and the Blue Mountains of the Democratic Republic of Congo are guaranteed. At night our guests will be enchanted by the million lights lit up by the local fishermen that dance on the Lake Albert.


Conservation & Community Highlights:

  1. Use of only local and bio-degradable materials in building the lodge
  2. Contracting of local engineers and employment of local staff
  3. Lodge is completely plastic free
  4. Lodge runs entirely on solar power including solar water heaters
  5. Support of social businesses by using soap from Mama Mzungu ( and coffee from Kyaffe Farmers (a women’s farmers initiative -
  6. We also harvest water and encourage our clients to use water responsibly
  7. We are members of the “Save Bugoma Forest” Initiative. Bugoma forest is one of the last rain forests in Uganda close to Kikonko, which is home to different primates, including chimpanzees. The forest is bound to be cut down to give way for a sugar cane plantation. As Kikonko we are also supporting the Chimpanzee Habituation Project (, which is one of the major players in lobbying for the halt of the deforestation.
  8. Use of majorly local food to reduce on the carbon footprint
  9. Use of entirely biodegradable packaging for take-away guest lunches
  10. All inside decoration is made from natural materials, that mainly stem from the site of the lodge


Future Aims:

  1. Community project to manufacture products that are needed by the lodge (e.g. soaps and candles)
  2. Engage in sustainable charcoal making to alleviate the pressure on the surrounding trees and vegetation


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