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Sarinbuana Bali Eco Lodge
Conservation Project
Wanagiri, Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia
-8.3937526156, 115.07902024



Sarinbuana Bali Eco Lodge is a pioneering example of sustainable tourism on the rain forested slopes of central Bali, Indonesia. Our bungalows are emersed in a one-hectare permaculture garden and food forest, which has been nurtured for over 30 years by the lodge family.

We’ve always operated by following the three core principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability, to ensure our presence is not creating a strain on the natural or built environment around us. The lodge supports our community by providing a platform for the sharing of local knowledge through guided rainforest walks and traditional workshops.

We offer an alternative to conventional accommodation by designing our bungalows into the natural environment, minimising our impact while also maximising the guest experience in nature. In doing so we hope to provide an economically viable example of small-scale tourism, which directly benefits and regenerates local communities and the environment.

Although we’re small, by applying a similar model of tourism around the world, we could all have a notable impact in the fight to preserve nature’s beauty. In our opinion, businesses need to be actively involved in regenerating their local environment to allow for the possibility of a truly sustainable future. 


Conservation & Community Highlights:

  1. Providing a safe haven and improving habitat for butterflies and birds including sought after species such as Orange Throated Thrush & Grey Cheeked Bulbul
  2. Wildlife release and community conservation education (including reticulated pythons, scops owl, serpent eagle, pangolin)
  3. Creating a community-based coral reef conservation program in Raja Ampat (2017-2019)
  4. Tree planting, in the past and present (largest project involved 5,000 trees planted in Batukaru rainforest, 2008)
  5. Funding other conservation organisations (Sumatran Orangutan Project, Friends of The National Parks Foundation, Bali Wildlife Rescue Centre)


Future Aims:

  1. Rainforest Stewards Program & voluntourism (Employing local villagers to guard and maintain our local rainforest)
  2. Native bird breeding, rehabilitation and release
  3. Establish a conservation program/commitment that other local tourism operators and land owners can sign up to
  4. Increase community engagement and education on the issue of conservation
  5. Facilitating research in the local area through Bali Wildlife 


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