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Kumba Lodge
Conservation Project
Tofo Beach, 20 km from Inhambane, South-West Mozambique
-23.8408970928, 35.538313249




Kumba Lodge is a sanctuary for conscious adventurers, a lodge right on the world-class Tofo beachfront of Mozambique where you can indulge in an ideal mix of nature, movement, relaxation, food and community. Kumba Lodge is situated on 2.4 ha of land in the Tofo Estuary which is not yet an officially legally protected area, however, several marine conservation organisations are active in the area working on environmental efforts.

The lodge is currently under construction; we will be ready to welcome our first visitors around September 2021. 

Our venue and activities are built around 5 pillars:

  • nature: to re-learn to appreciate and protect the incredible diversity of our natural environment
  • movement: to keep your body and mind healthy and agile with yoga
  • food: to nourish ourselves with locally sourced and grown, healthy organic ingredients
  • community: to interact with and to benefit the local communities
  • relaxation: to return to a place of stillness and take a break from the rat race


Conservation & Community Highlights:

We are in the final stages of construction and have not yet started to get actively involved in local projects, however, in the near future we would love to get involved in promoting and safeguarding the biodiversity and marine wildlife surrounding us such as whale sharks, humpback whales, manta rays, turtles, dolphins and more.


Future Aims:

  1. turtles nesting on Tofo Beach
  2. beach clean ups
  3. workshops around marine conservation
  4. swimming classes and other training for local communities


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