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Pandora Reserva Natural Privada
Conservation Area
Habitat Reserve
62Km West of Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
-18.168627856822365, -63.52760036090848



Pandora Reserva Natural Privada is a privately owned natural reserve of 242 ha in size, lying at the intersection of the Amazon basin, the Andes and the northern Chaco. It is located at the entry of Amboró National Park in Bolivia. The Amboró National Park is known to host more than 900 species of birds and some rare mammal species such as puma or spectacled bear.

Pandora is a destination that encompasses the best of Bolivia. Our vision is to support artistic expression, scientific discovery, the quest for adventure, and self-revitalization all within the amazing Pandora ecosystem.


Our mission is to enable our guests to explore and discover beautiful Bolivia, and also to relax and recharge their vital energy. Whether looking for a tranquil getaway or an adventure, Pandora offers the perfect setting:

  • Exploration of the natural environment
  • A comfortable and modern facility that accentuates its surroundings
  • Support in planning of trip itinerary
  • A multitude of activities depending on guest preferences


In order to succeed in the ecotourism and hospitality environment in Bolivia, and to fulfill its mission of providing a shelter to regain vital energy, we have the following operating priorities:

  • Respect: is translated through all of Pandora’s actions.

  • Energy: drives nature and humans alike.

  • Sustainability: Pandora is making decisions for the long term.

  • Development: Innovation and learning is part of Pandora’s DNA.


Conservation & Community Highlights:

  1. We aim to protect the wildlife within our ecosystem that thrives around the creek that runs through Pandora.
  2. As a property on the outskirts of the Amboró National Park we aim to raise awareness and help all conservation efforts.
  3. Recently we started a project with a local team of voluntary fire fighters that operate a non-profit foundation and organize excursion trips and adventure camping to support their activities.


Future Aims:

  1. Rest Area / Tourist Information Centre
  2. Mirador / Fine and Creative Arts Centre
  3. Excursion Centre
  4. Wellness Retreat
  5. Science and Research Site


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