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Campucocha Ecological Reserve
Conservation Area
32 km from Quito, Ecuador
-0.3056389, -78.2220333



Campucocha Ecological Reserve is located close to Quito in the Andes Mountains, Ecuador. It is a 520 ha private conservation area situated at an altitude of 4000m above sea level.  

Campucocha is an important conservation area protecting wetlands for water recovery, infiltration and improvement.

The reserve offers ecotourism vacations for guests visiting its fishing lodge. The owners and staff are the only professional tour guides for trout fishing in Ecuador.  

More activities include bird watching of over 37 bird species on the property, and many more in the Cayambe-Coca Reserve which is in close proximity. Admission to this national reserve including guides for nature tours is offered to guests staying at Campucocha. 

Campucocha further offers nature walks, horseback riding and wingshooting as well as affordable accommodation to its visitors.


Conservation Highlights:

  1. Ecotourism activities such as nature tours, bird watching and trout fishing
  2. Water catchment protection
  3. Water infiltration and improvement
  4. Protection of natural landscape
  5. Habitat for fish species


Future Aims:

  1. Development of a water investigation centre and research station
  2. Water education through tours and workshops
  3. Implementation of a fishing school with courses


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