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Togo Eang Ecolodge
Conservation Area
Eco Island
Togean Islands, Tojo Una-una, Sulawesi, Indonesia
-0.471800, 121.715400



Togo Eang is a private island resort located in the heart of the UNESCO Togean Tojo Una-Una Biosphere Reserve, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. The 1.2 hectar island has lush tropical rainforest growing over hilly limestone rock terrain and mangrove forests that fringe the island and are home to diverse wildlife including rare birds such as the Togean Hornbill or Burung Alo.

Sustainably designed and constructed, our unique off grid resort operates by harnessing 100% natural energy from the sun, using a 1.5 kW photovoltaic-battery system, and operating with minimal impact on the environment. Food waste is composted and used to grow prdoce and raise chickens in our permaculture garden that is watered in part by rainwater collection.

A durable eco-friendly roofing material was built onsite using a Balinese technique that employs Alang Alang, a type of native high grass that absorbs carbon dioxide, as opposed to emitting it like its metal roof counterpart. We are testing a constructed wetland system where fruit trees clean the runoff from the toilets and can be
fertilized from it. Plastic waste is being collected and will be converted into fuels and other useful products as part of a commitment to empowering the local communities. Our desire to minimize consumption has led us to use reclaimed materials such as logs floating in the sea and secondhand accessories and equipment such as utensils and plates.

We strive to ensure that our guests enjoy an experience where adventure, conservation, and relaxation live in perfect balance.


Conservation & Community Highlights:

  1. Protecting Tarsius and Hornbill as some of the Sulawesi endamic species
  2. Permaculture Workshop and Courses
  3. Traditional “Bajo” (sea gypsies) fishing tour
  4. Scuba diving and snorkeling to experience the local biodiversity
  5. Jungle trekking and village visits
  6. Part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve


Future Aims:

  1. Replanting Corals Project
  2. Compost Workshop Volunteer Program with nearby village
  3. Forest educational project
  4. Seaweed farming to create natural skincare products
  5. Expand our permaculture garden and our chicken farm


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