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Kuti Wildlife Reserve
Conservation Area
Game Reserve
90km from Lilongwe, Salima, Malawi
-13.727725437583587, 34.4190762703595



Kuti Wildlife Reserve is located in Salima, central Malawi. This nation is known as ‘The Warm Heart of Africa’, both for its stunning beauty and friendly people.

Kuti is 2000ha in size and home to a variety of indigenous animals and vegetation. It houses some of the last remaining forests and grasslands in the area. Although no dangerous predators live at Kuti, there are plenty of animals such as zebra, eland, sable, bushbuck, nyala, various primates, giraffe, and over 250 different species of birds. The absence of dangerous game makes the park accessible on foot or by bicycle, which provides visitors with a unique and safe up-close experience with animals in the reserve.

Our lodge provides a variety of accommodation options, from budget to luxurious, which allows us to provide individuals and families with a safe space to enjoy the beauty of the African bush.

Aside from conserving wildlife and natural resources within the reserve, Kuti works with members of the surrounding communities to assist in educating locals about the importance of conservation, in an effort to effect positive change local perceptions of wildlife. We hope that these efforts allow us to preserve the wildlife in Malawi for future generations.


Conservation & Community Highlights:

  1. Restocking of wildlife into national parks and reserves in Malawi
  2. Planting of indigenous trees to supply with energy-efficient stoves given to surrounding communities
  3. Partnerships with- and hosting of various research and conservation organisations to protect over 20 mammal and 250 bird species, as well as reptiles, insects, and amphibians
  4. Environmentally conscious, resource- and energy-saving measures such as solar electricity and drip irrigation installed on the reserve
  5. Conservation and breeding of various different species of wildlife endemic to Malawi
  6. Educating locals about the importance of conservation


Future Aims:

  1. Establish a community cooperative that produces jewellery made from snare wire removed from the reserve. The income from this will assist in job creation, as well as financial support for future conservation efforts.
  2. Sensitization through running of educational talks for local school groups to promote the importance of environmental and wildlife conservation in Malawi
  3. Establishment of a volunteer programme to support a tree-planting initiative which would reduce the deforestation in Malawi
  4. Erect a 25 kilometre electric fence to protect animals and plants within Kuti from human-wildlife conflict
  5. Remodel and improve existing infrastructure for the lodge


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