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Hudad Lalibela Eco-Lodge & Retreat
Conservation Project
4,8km from the centre of Lalibela, Ethiopia
12.041815198724127, 39.090248654380474



Hudad Lalibela Eco-Lodge & Retreat is an eco-destination nestled in the mountains in northern Ethiopia, overlooking the ancient town of Lalibela which is home to the renowned rock-hewn churches.

The Lodge is set on a silent and private 10-hectare site on the Hudad plateau at an altitude of 3,300m above sea level - the Roof of Africa. This altitude is making the plateau the highest location for a lodge welcoming guests in the entire Ethiopia. The Retreat is surrounded by the AbuChagula Reserve.

Guests visiting the Hudad Lalibela have to access their destination by foot, hiking up the mountain path with a guide, or by riding a mule.

The steep hike up requires a lot of energy and some preparation and altitude sickness can occur if an acclimatization period has not been followed.

Once arriving, visitors stay in unique stone dwellings called Tukuls - rustic stone-and-thatch huts which are simple yet comfortable, with shared drop-toilets and hot showers- scattered across the retreat on the plateau.

The Plateau Café by reception is where all food is served and entertainment is provided. Community run and community managed, the lodge showcases local sustainable and ecological tourism at its best.

The Hudad Lalibela Eco Lodge & Retreat is a magnificent place to connect with nature and experience peaceful relaxation! Abundant wildlife and plant life can be enjoyed by foot or from lookout dens, including the endemic Gelada and Hamadryas baboons, rock hyraxes, 6 bat species, leopard, spotted hyena, mongoose, genet, and many birds. The plateau is also renowned for its stunning hiking experience that often leave visitors feeling larger than life.

The Hudad Lalibela Eco Lodge & Retreat is sistered with the popular and well regarded Maribela Hotel in Lalibela town.


Conservation & Community Highlights:

  1. There have been rare sightings of mountain lions, Ethiopian wolves and Hamadryas baboons
  2. All produce used to serve food for guests is organic and locally sourced
  3. Habitat to endemic Gelada baboons
  4. Community run and managed eco-destination, with local villagers taking care of it via a shift system so as to make sure that tourism opportunities are equitably distributed
  5. The plateau acts as a nature sanctuary, and uses its profits to help conserve the nearby AbuChagula Reserve


Future Aims:

  1. Currently developing solar charging stations for phones, cameras and laptops
  2. Continued livelihood options for the community through ecotourism and environmentally friendly produce
  3. Continued protection of the natural values of the plateau
  4. Re-activate our program of employing and educating guards, and buying seeds to grow local plants and trees 
  5. Training and educating the local community about the importance of protecting their environment; through both formal and informal education  (e.g. putting up signs & billboard notes, etc.)


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