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Ascado Eco Lodge
Conservation Area
Agro-Pastoral Farm
26 km from Kasangulu, Democratic Republic of the Congo
-4.5952778 , 14.99289166



Ascado Eco Lodge is both a contract nature reserve and an agro-pastoral farm. The Lodge is located 26 km from Kasangulu in the Kongo Central Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Lodge, in the village Kifuma, has been developed on a concession of 300ha in size since 2007 by the IRSA Group Sarl. It is situated on the edges of the Congo River and the Mbudisi River and opened its doors in 2018.    

Ascado Eco Lodge undertakes different tourism and farming activities. Farming includes pigs (installed capacity of 800 animals), poultry, fish cultures (12 ponds with a capacity of 1.5Kg of fishes each), fruit growing (13 ha of citrus trees are already installed out of the 30 ha planned, with many other types such as mangosteen, mango and avocado). The farm further has a micro hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 160 kVA.

Activities for visitors include camping, walking, enjoying the serenity of the place, exploring the river banks and much more. 


Conservation and Community Highlights:

  1. To consider a tourist approach committed to sustainable development aimed at preserving the biodiversity and cultural resources of a natural area
  2. To focus on the agriculture of 100% natural products (both meat and vegetables)
  3. To focus on fish farming of species such as Tilapia and Catfish


Future Aims:

  1. It is envisaged to grow vegetables to supply the tourist activities
  2. It is also envisaged a hydraulic network by capturing water from a natural spring.
  3. To increase the impact in the tourism industry
  4. Expansion of Ascado Eco Lodge in new regions of the country


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