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Kidepo Wilderness Lodge
Conservation Project
Start-Up: Eco-Lodge
At boundary of Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda
3.83585291, 33.77753566



Kidepo Wilderness Ecolodge is a family-owned destination newly established in 2020. Kidepo is situated on a 10 acre proprety which borders alongside one of Uganda’s renowned protected areas, Kidepo Valley National Park. The park is located in the Karamoja region in northeast Uganda.

Kidepo Valley is dominated by the 2,750 metres (9,020 ft) high Mount Morungole and transected by two rivers, Kidepo and Narus. Most of the national park is open tree savannah. With varying rainfall patterns the vegetation and animal populations differ between the two river valleys. The Kidepo basin receives perennial water and is thus rich in large wildlife species, including cheetah, wild dog, elephant, Rothschild's giraffe as well as many bird species.

Kidepo Wilderness Ecolodge offers a peaceful escape away from city life, and the beauty of Kamaroja culture can be embraced. Over time, Kidepo aims to increase high quality tourism in the eastern circuit of Uganda and create opportunities for community livelihood and enterprise development.


Future Aims:

  1. Soap making enterprise for local women
  2. Need additional land and funds for Community-Cultural Village projects
  3. Establishing walking trails for tourists
  4. Need funds for building a school and health centre
  5. Tree planting project together with guests around the lodge
  6. Training the community to become local guides, training against poaching


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