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Gorilla Safari Lodge
Conservation Project
Eco Lodge
35km from Kisoro Town, Uganda
-1.0597222, 29.63827222



Gorilla Safari Lodge is situated on a 6 acre property on the boundary line of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. The area is in the Kisoro region in south-west Uganda. The country is like no other, and Gorilla Safari Lodge is located remotely in one of the most untouched regions renowned for its primate population and array of birdlife. The road transfer from the nearest airstrip will meander its way past hills carpeted with tea and coffee plantations, rural villages, tropical vegetation and exquisite, pristine landscapes.

The Lodge itself is situated very close to the starting point of guided trekking to the gorillas for observing and photographing. It offers its guests luxury accommodation in eighteen spacious cottages, each providing the perfect setting to relax after an exciting day of trekking.

Gorilla Safari Lodge is invested and engaged in seeking sustainable solutions with the surrounding communities:

A soap making project had been started which unfortunately came to a standstill due to lack of further funds and difficulties in creating sales for the locals.

There is a school nearby which the Lodge is funding that needs further resources and activities.  

The Lodge aims to develop and build an entire cultural village for the locals. The vision is to provide better opportunities to the community for engaging with tourists via dances, singing, workshops about weaving baskets and mats. Further, the village will incorporate farm land where locals will grow and utilize vegetables, fruit, poultry, sheep and goats, and bee hives. Produce will be sold as well as used in lodges of the region.

A main objective is to involve the Batwa Pygmies more in these community projects to decrease poaching of gorillas in the longer term through enhanced livelihoods.


Conservation & Community Highlights:

  1. Soap making project was initiated
  2. Organizing guided tours that ensure a unique and rich cultural experience with members of the Batwa Pygmies community
  3. Supporting the Rushaga women group who usually entertain guests with folk songs and traditional dances
  4. Funding the nearby school
  5. Tree planting by the guests at the Lodge
  6. Gorilla Safari Lodge provides the ideal base for outstanding gorilla trekking opportunities


Future Aims:

  1. Sourcing suitable land and necessary funds for the cultural village project including farms
  2. Re-activating the soap making project for sustainable livelihoods
  3. Continuing to support the local school: needs a new dormitory, training of teachers, books and more resources
  4. Batwa Pygmies training, anti-poaching activities, creating livelihoods, building of better housing
  5. Building a community health centre


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