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Reserva Natural Urbana Rincón Nazarí
Conservation Area
Urban Reserve
Posadas, Provincia de Misiones, Argentina
-27.3619444, -55.90944444



Rincón Nazarí is an urban reserve fostering wildlife conservation and environmental education, hosting a learning centre for youth and researchers in the city of Posadas, Argentina. The Reserve is managed by a non-profit organization, Asociacion Civil Rincon Nazari that conducts educational visits for elementary, middle school and college students. It is currently operating under an agreement as Local Natural Reserve, signed in December 2003 with the Ministry of Ecology of Misiones Province. 

The Local Natural Reserve covers an area of 0,5ha in the middle of the city of Posadas. By the year 2003, the Local Natural Reserve in the city had created what are believed to be the World’s First Enquiring Trails. Further, the Reserve started an educative programme with schools at that time, on a word of mouth advertising basis. It received an annual average of around 4000 scholars.

The success of the educational activities at the urban reserve encouraged the owners to start a much broader project located at another Reserve in Paraje Rincón de Tunas, approximately 10km outside Posadas, with help from the Provincial Government. The project on this other Reserve, managed by the same non-profit organization, is C.E.R.N. (Campamentos Educativos Rincón Nazarí) which is still to be inaugurated in an area of 200ha.

There, as initiated in 1983, a program of recovering biodiversity by planting native trees and placing beehives is taking place. It is now home to an endless number of native species of flora and fauna; this success can mainly be measured by the number of different bird species that can be found now.

The main building, at C.E.R.N., 1000 m² in size, is fully functional consisting of 10 bedrooms with a total capacity of 80 people, women and men toilets, reception office, library, kitchen, breakfast room, grill room, multipurpose room and the specially designed Cosmos Observation Platform. The building is surrounded by fountains to stock rainwater so as to irrigate by drip and gravity the vegetable gardens, orchards and greenhouses.

Now at C.E.R.N., several Enquiring Trails start from the building and go along and through the forest and creek. The purpose and main objective of the entire program is knowledge sharing in its most various and deepest forms, together with achieving a cultural change in the population through environmental education. 


Conservation & Community Highlights:

  1. Sharing knowledge in its most various and deepest forms.
  2. Teaching youth how to think, reflect and extrapolate through the observation of nature.
  3. Deepening on biodynamic studies.
  4. Deepening on the study of the hidden half of nature: the microbial roots of life and health.
  5. Transforming our timber forest into an edible forestation, supporting many species of flora and fauna.


Future Aims:

  1. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have had agreements with Educational Institutions for their students to prepare projects for their thesis based on experiences at C.E.R.N.: we would like to reactivate these collaborations.
  2. Once the pandemic allows we would like to reactivate agreements with collaborators such as the Ministries of Education, Ecology, Climate Change; Agriculture; our sponsor Yacyretá Dam Administrator; and more.
  3. Finding financial support for the building of a laboratory for R&D on biology of plants, trees, arthropods, microbes, etc.
  4. Finding financial support to equip our C.E.R.N.
  5. Establishing collaborations for the promotion of Educative Tourism.


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