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Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve
Conservation Area
Habitat Reserve
R303, Koue Bokkeveld, Cederberg, South Africa
-32.7471333, 19.56303888



Kagga Kamma is a protected nature reserve situated in the south-eastern region of the Cederberg, in the Swartruggens district.  The landscape is made up of 15 000 hectares of weathered sandstone formations, drier mountain Fynbos and a range of antelope and smaller wildlife species.

One of Kagga Kamma's most unique attractions is the Khoi and San Rock Art that is found in the area. Some sites depict everyday events while others are representations of spiritual beliefs; some of these paintings date back approximately 6000 years. As the protectors of this incredible region, the Kagga Kamma Team do their utmost to preserve its pristine ambience, so others can also enjoy the restorative properties of time in these spellbinding surroundings.


Conservation Highlights:

  1. Preserving the Khoi and San Rock Art within the Reserve
  2. Providing a protected reserve for the endemic Spectacled Dormouse
  3. Providing a protected reserve for the Bontebok
  4. Providing a protected reserve for the Cape Leopard

Future Aims:

  1. Our aim is to make Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve an Eco-Lodge; we have already begun phasing in the use of solar power, borehole water and glass substitutes for plastic products
  2. Our aim is to provide an environment conducive to the natural breeding of the Bontebok and Spectacled Dormouse species on the property
  3. Our aim is to educate the local and international populations on the importance of biomes, such as the Cederberg, as well as the history as it relates to the Khoi and San people, through our informative Nature Drives and Tours


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