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Morani Conservancy
Conservation Area
Game Reserve
225km north of Nairobi, Kenya
0.4285680, 36.9405040




Morani Conservancy is a family owned 12,000 acre wildlife conservancy of pristine wilderness and working ranch in the heart of Laikipia, Northern Kenya

Their mission is to protect and enhance critical wildlife diversity, abundance and habitat while concurrently supporting sustainable livestock production and improving the lives of neighbouring communities.


Conservation Highlights:

  1. Testing invasive ant removal and environmental recovery (In the last decade, big headed ants have steadily expanded into black cotton and red soil savanna habitats. These invasive ants extirpate many native insect species when they move into a new habitat.)
  2. Time series monitoring of bush encroachment by Opuntia (Prickly pear)
  3. Environmental management through tree growing for climate change mitigation as a platform for public education and community outreach programme
  4. Functional community based monitoring and surveillance of endangered species and habitat condition to inform conservation interventions
  5. Ecological assessment of key wildlife populations and subspecies as a baseline for a wide analysis


Future Aims:

  1. Setting up of Morani Headquarters and employment of rangers to monitor and protect our wildlife
  2. Enhancing conservation education using Nature-based Film Shows to local schools and communities living adjacent to Morani Conservancy
  3. Forest rehabilitation through participatory learning in schools (education and training, radio programmes and talk shows, audio visual shows and drama in schools, development of tree nurseries in schools)
  4. Assessing domestic dog demography and rabies disease burden in rural communities; implications for conservation of wild carnivores
  5. Integrated Village Agroforestry and energy efficient cook stoves installation for the restoration and conservation of trees in and around Morani Ecosystem


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