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Bergplaas Nature Reserve
Conservation Area
Habitat Reserve
75km north of Graaff-Reinet, Eastern Cape, South Africa
-31.730717724960883, 24.73878368603389



Bergplaas Nature Reserve is a collective of former livestock farms, that were decommissioned to be gifted back to Nature and allowed to return to its original wild state. The reserve spans 5500 hectares of mountainous terrain and has reintroduced indigenous species such as black wildebeest, eland, blesbok and red hartebeest. 

The reserve is a gazetted nature reserve through the Eastern Cape Parks Biodiversity Stewardship Program. It neighbors the iconic Compassberg in the Sneeuberg Mountains of the great Karoo. Located about 75km north of Graaff-Reinet at an altitude ranging from 1400m to 1800m, offering ample scenic views and space.

Bergplaas has multiple options for self-catering stays and hosts two acclaimed wildlife and environment programs to educate and develop skills around wildlife, guiding and leadership. Participants include young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in South Africa’s urban and rural areas to international university students. 


Conservation Highlights:

  1. Conserving 5500 ha of Nama Karoo biome which acts as an important catchment area/watershed for the Seeikooi, Sundays and Orange rivers
  2. Protected area for the Plain Mountain Adder (only found in the Sneeuberge between 1600 and 1800m above sea level)
  3. Protected area for Black Wildebeest (Threatened or Protected Species)
  4. Rehabilitation of eroded areas
  5. Training of field guides (Spirit of the Wild course)


Future Aims:

  1. Partner with reserves for field guide training
  2. Increase revenue through self-catering stays
  3. Implement research projects (i.e. mammal research through camera traps)
  4. Network with like-minded organisations


Contact details:

Wayne Maspero (manager)


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