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Lukango Tree Conservancy (LuTreeCo)
Conservation Enterprise
Ssenyendo, Bunjako Island, Mpigi District, Uganda
0.0043450066, 32.1399996496


Lukango Tree Conservancy Limited (LuTreeCo) is an African social enterprise that conserves trees and shrubs that are native to tropical Africa, with emphasis on threatened species. We develop novel value chains that not only emerge from, but also support and advance, our conservation goals. We will raise the profile of flora biodiversity conservation and restoration in tropical Africa.

LuTreeCo is located on Bunjako island, in Uganda, approximately 60 miles from Kampala by road. We are 100% solar powered and have a permanent water supply. LuTreeCo is a proud member of Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BGCI; BGCN# 5390).

LuTreeCo runs a seed procurement network, a seed bank including freezing capacity (off site), a dedicated non-retail native tree nursery, a species rich native forest of future mother trees, an apiary, and research activities.


The Team:

Dr. Victor Nsereko (Founder and Funder)

Emmanuel Kamugisha (Conservation Manager)

Acaa Caroline (Conservation Associate)

Vicent Asiimwe (Nursery Manager)

Oketcho Francis (Nursery Worker)


Conservation & Community Impacts:

  1. High quality threatened and native tree seedlings of tropical Africa to push back on biodiversity loss
  2. Bee products (honey, pollen, bee venom, wax, propolis) to enhance our conservation goals
  3. Our own Trees Schools Initiative (OOTSI) currently active in 10 schools
  4. High quality seeds of native species
  5. Miyawaki forests


Future Aims:

  1. Eco tourism development for our site (bird watching and forest nature walks)
  2. Bee keeping scaling up
  3. Our own Trees Schools Initiative project scaling up country wide


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