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Mambo View Point Eco Lodge
Conservation Project
near Mambo, Usambara Mountains, Tanzania
-4.5034599887, 38.2171696115



Mambo View Point is a genuine Eco Lodge of 4.5 ha situated in the Usambara Mountains, just 2 hours’ drive from Lushoto, near the village of Mambo. The Lodge is a unique project and a new model for development, at the same time providing you with an authentic and unforgettable experience of the landscape and rural Tanzania.

Our goals: encourage entrepreneurship by stimulation and healthy environment, improve economics not provide aid, create a chain of employment, educate the travelers about the life conditions of local communities, their challenges and the idea of sustainable development and tourism, eco-friendly approach by respect for nature but also intensive involvement with the wellbeing of the local community, empower people by helping with a little push, some advice, tools or a loan

As development is not a one item issue but everything is interrelated, projects in many fields have been initiated in the past years: Education – no development without knowledge, Health care – no improvement without a good health, Infrastructure – no good life quality without water, roads and communication infrastructure, Entrepreneurship – development by a good use of available resources.


Conservation & Community Highlights:

  1. Sisters Workshop (sewing and entrepreneurship training for girls) - The Sisters Workshop initiated a sewing vocational orientation workshop in July 2022, offering 6-months of training in tailoring, entrepreneurship, and eco-friendly practices to 23 girls aged 14 to 20 in Mtae village, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to start their own small-scale businesses and access micro credits for financing through MamboViewPoint Lodge.
  2. Educational Projects for environmental and kids’ knowledge:
    • Meeting Point - In August 2020, the meeting point was established at Mtae Primary School, providing a safe and well-equipped space with comfortable furniture, lighting, a library, and school supplies. Originally focused on assisting girls in the Usambara area, the project expanded to accommodate around 150 children, including boys, offering academic support, motivating reading, and gradually growing its library collection of nearly 7000 books through grants and donations.
    • Send a Child to a Private School - Motivated children from impoverished families who excel at the Sisterhood Meeting Point have the opportunity to secure sponsorship and attend private primary schools in Usambara with boarding facilities, offering smaller class sizes, qualified teachers, better learning conditions, access to textbooks, and instruction in English. Through the power of the internet, social media, and the generosity of supporters, the sponsorship program has enabled 20 children to attend the boarding school in 2022, with affordable tuition fees of approximately 684€ per year or 57€ per month covering education, accommodation, and meals.
    • Tree Planting - Deforestation is one of the major environmental issues in the Usambara area. We are committed to fight the climate change by planting native trees.  As part of our educational efforts, with our partner Jamii Sawa, the kids from the sisterhood land project are being taught about the importance of the environmental conservation and are the ones who plant and take care of the trees.
    • Tutoring (Weekend Courses) - To support the transition from primary to secondary education, approximately 60 children from Mambo and Mtae primary schools attend tutoring courses at MamboViewPoint Lodge during weekends and holidays, offering English, Mathematics, Science, as well as art and music activities, access to study materials, and recently, a basic computer class. Despite facing challenges such as long distances to school and household responsibilities, particularly for girls, their strong motivation to pass the elementary school leaving examination drives their dedication, and through targeted support, we aim to enhance their chances of success.

Access more information about this work here: Sisterhood Land website


Future Aims:

  1. Further encouraging entrepreneurship by stimulation and through a healthy environment, to improve economics and not provide aid.
  2. Creating a chain of employment.
  3. Educating travelers about life conditions of local communities, their challenges and the idea of sustainable development and tourism.
  4. Eco-friendly approach by respect for nature yet intensive involvement with the well being of the local community.
  5. Empowering people by helping with a little push, some advice, tools, or a loan!


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