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Tsachu Ecolodge & Tourism
Conservation Project
13 km north from Gelephu town, central south Bhutan
26.94592069, 90.51212158


Tsachu Ecolodge is located on the foothills of Gelephu in central south Bhutan. Tsachu Ecolodge is the gateway to Manas National Park: an unparalleled biological treasure in the Eastern Himalayas. The ecolodge is accessible through a 25-minutes domestic flight from Paro Airport to Gelephu and a 13 km drive north of Ge­lephu town. The ecolodge is also close to one of the oldest hot springs in the country, locally known as Tsachu. The Gelephu hot spring is famous for healing various diseases and for its health benefits. It has soothing temperatures to soak in.

Tsachu is a community-based ecolodge of 1.2 hectares and is approved by the Government of Bhutan and its environmental regulations.

At Tsachu, the physical reflection of ecotourism is the manifestation of the ecolodge model. The team understands an ecolodge to be an accommodation facility that must satisfies three key criteria and principles of ecotourism:

  1. Be in a nature-based location, be in harmony with it, and care for the conservation of the neighboring lands.
  2. Benefit the local people and the local communities.
  3. Offer programs that are designed to create a deeper relationship with the existing cultural and natural heritage.

Additionally, an ecolodge must also aim to:

  1. Contribute to conservation of local natural resources,
  2. Acquire water through sustainable means and reduce its consumption,
  3. Provide for careful handling and disposal of solid waste,
  4. Utilize renewal energy sources,
  5. Impact natural surroundings minimally during construction,
  6. Fit seamlessly into the local physical, cultural, architectural, and landscaping contexts, and
  7. Use traditional building technology and materials when possible 8. Involve the local community in the planning stage.


Conservation & Community Highlights:

The Tsachu Ecolodge is designed to be a unique accommodation site:

  • Built in a small hidden valley, on a cliff above a river in Bhutan, nestled among wild trees, old orange orchards, and natural plantations
  • Designed and built from local materials (wood, bamboo, etc.), and crafted by local workers according to traditional concepts
  • Offering simple, conscious and eco-friendly accommodation, and hosting local and international tourist groups
  • Home to rare wildlife species such as Golden Langurs, Great hornbills, and wild orchids

Tsachu is engaging the local community for maintaining and managing the site, and supporting the local farmers by relying on their locally grown farm supplies:

  • Serving unique organic based dishes, integrating traditional Bhutanese cuisine with creative international modern cooking styles
  • Emphasizing the separation and recycling of waste products
  • Developing ecotourism in the area, via hiking, village tours, bird watching, kayaking, and visits to local handicraft centers and organic farms
  • Cultivating a visitor friendly organic garden, with Bhutanese typical edible and herbal plants, for special education purposes as well as for the daily kitchen supply
  • Creating educational programs for both the travelers and the local community, with emphasis on GNH perspectives and ecotourism principles
  • Hosting GNH exchange programs, mindfulness and yoga retreats, integrative cuisine workshop


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