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Bulungula Lodge
Conservation Project
Community Lodge
90km from Mthatha, Nqileni Village, Eastern Cape, South Africa
-32.14040657, 29.00278194



Bulungula is a community-owned eco-lodge located on a 0.5 ha property in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa.

The lodge is a fair trade certified, affordable, multi-night destination for backpackers and cultural wanderers of this Earth.

Bulungula sustains local culture and the planet, and is 100% owned and managed by the vibrant, traditional Nqileni village, a Xhosa community.


Conservation & Community Highlights:

  1. Award winning Bulungula Incubator – an NGO that was birthed from the Bulungula Lodge which provides a wide range of Education, Health and Sustainable Livelihoods projects in the surrounding communities
  2. Solar panel installation on the lodge since 2004
  3. Installation of a 3-pond filtration system to recycle grey water
  4. Tree planting to mitigate carbon emissions
  5. Compost toillets since 2004


Future Aims:

  1. Add practical artisanal skills training at our local school (e.g. carpentry, plumbing)
  2. Change the lodge shuttle to an electric vehicle charged by solar panels to reduce CO2 emissions
  3. Expand the solar energy system


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