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Waghoba Eco Lodge
Conservation Project
Wadala Tukum, Maharashtra, India
20.29473002, 79.25691453


Waghoba Eco Lodge is a 12 acre property set beautifully in an untraversed area in the buffer zone of Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra, India. Waghoba Eco Lodge attempts to set new standards of eco-friendliness and conscious luxury.

The cottages at Waghoba have been crafted by drawing inspiration from the very best of eco-construction. Sustainability is ingrained in each aspect of its construction, with each cottage having been built meticulously with handmade Adobe bricks, local stone & Guna vault roofs. The material used for construction brings down the ambient temperature in the harsh heat of Tadoba making for a very comfortable stay.

Under the slogan 'Tourism for Conservation' the team at Waghoba focuses on four key socil and ecological aspects:

  • Environment Social Governance,
  • Commitment to Green Architecture,
  • Conservation on Our Minds,
  • and Making Wildlife a Fair Play.


Conservation & Community Highlights:

  1. Community Building by giving locals preference for employment & regularly training them
  2. Local Vendors & Suppliers
  3. Making Wildlife a Fair Play by giving women equal opportunities & providing them a conducive environment to work in
  4. Phytroid Sewage Treatment Plant & Rain Water Harvesting
  5. Rewilding the lodge surrounds with native species


Future Aims:

  1. Setting up of a solar plant 50 kwa
  2. Setting up of a handicraft centre for uplifting the local craft sector
  3. Tie up with local farmers for more local produce supplies
  4. Water conservation via ground water recharge
  5. More trainings in all departments to encourage locals to work


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