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Guinevere Guest Farm
Conservation Area
Habitat Reserve
Tulbagh, Western Cape, South Africa
-33.34088944, 19.12789482


Guinevere Guest Farm is a small private lifestyle farm located in the Tulbagh valley, South Africa. Over 80% of the 95 ha farm has been left untouched and is made up by pristine renosterveld, part of the fynbos biome. Today, all types of renosterveld are considered to be Critically Endangered and also are classed as “100% irreplaceable”. 

The renosterveld is home to many vulnerable animals such as the Black harrier hawk, Geometric tortoise and the Aardwolf. We aim to provide a safe space in which these animals can live freely without the threat of habitat destruction through agriculture.

There is a 10 bedroom guesthouse on the property which people can rent for family gatherings, events and weddings.

The only agricultural farming we have on the farm is a small 2 ha vineyard and 5 ha olive grove in which we use organic practices. We do not use any pesticides or insecticides or any other chemicals on our land.


Conservation Highlights:

  1. We are planting indigenous trees
  2. We are actively trying to protect the Geometric tortoise and other endemic species of animals
  3. We are clearing alien trees such as port Jackson and black wattle
  4. We do not stop fires from moving through the renosterveld as this is beneficial to the shrubland


Future Aims:

  1. We would love to setup a volunteer programme for building eco-pods and cob domes on the land to create eco-tourism which would fund our alien clearing efforts and other projects
  2. Volunteer projects to research the elusive Aardwolf
  3. Birding eco-tourism to research and track the many birds of prey we have in the area
  4. Establish an educational project for the research of the many species of renosterveld


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